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Petro Felez Sazeh

This is our pleasure to have a contact with you, and we wish this relation get better.
Petro FelezSazeh Engineering Trading Company has an excellent background in supplying of various metals and steels like alloy Plates and Pipes for oil , gas , petrochemical , shipbuilding and constructional projects of iran. Petro FelezSazeh Engineering Trading Company is working with strong tendency to be a player of excellence in the steel market of iran.
First and foremost, our culture here at Petro Felez Sazeh Engineering Trading Company is best summarized by our tag line “integrity, innovation, excellence, and responsiveness” We continue to remain focused on the culture that was key to our success during our early days in the date of establishment when we first opened our doors for business as a professional supplier.
As we have grown, we have developed a list of satisfied clients that has been built on our solid reputation as a premier provider of reliable services. Our clients know that we continuously striving our fundamentals of excellence.
Clearly defining our fundamentals and focused on has helped us to grant continuous progress and achieve our mission against our valued clients to provide them reliable services.
We internalized these fundamentals as culture in Petro Felez Sazeh Engineering Trading Company and practiced by all of our employees. Our core values are very simple honesty, integrity and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.
Our integrated team has become our greatest asset working as a team, allow our clients to benefit from the combined strength of our individual talents, skills and expertise.
We have targeted being a leader company with high level of knowledge in supplying of various metals and alloy steels like Plates and Pipes at Oil , Gas, Petrochemical , shipbuilding and constructional sector.
Bardia Nakhjavan